In today's economy, sometimes it is better to give books a "makeover", rather than spending the money to buy new books that provide the same information. If you are an educator, you are aware of the rising cost of new text books. Unfortunately, replacing textbooks is necessary because they can become quite worn very quickly. At Beck & Orr we can help you save money by rebinding those textbooks making them look just like new.

Old_BookPerhaps you are a librarian or have your own library and some of your books are wearing out from constant use. Again, we can refurbish those books for you by giving them a fresh, new look.

Rebinding provides a cost effective, cheaper alternative to replacing your books. In fact, many times books can no longer be replaced because they may be out of print. In this instance, rebinding is the only option available. Regardless of your circumstance, if you have books that are wearing out, you can entrust them to the care of Beck & Orr. We have been providing quality rebinding services for over 100 years. Give us a call today at 614-276-8809, so that we can get started on your next project.

Thesis Binding


At Beck & Orr we specialize in Thesis Binding.  

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