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eBooks Are Important!

Ebooks are an important contributor to the publishing industry.  Consumers have readily adopted this format and now eBooks are found on every major book reseller’s websites, as well as in the classroom.  Just as importantly, device manufacturers and software developers have also embraced the importance of this rapidly emerging category.  Today, you find Kindles, iPads, Nooks and an assortment of tablets are replacing books in all walks of life.

We Can Help With Your eBook Conversion

At Beck & Orr, we realize how important the electronic media are to our customers.  And while we are one of America’s oldest bookbinding operations, we are also a full service bindery, which means that we are always out in front of the latest technology to help you preserve your reading materials.

eBook Conversion

To better serve you, we now offer eBook conversion as one of our services.  Simply put, we’ll take that Microsoft Word, Adobe InDesign, Rich Text Format, or PDF document and we will convert it into an eBook that can be read across a variety of devices.

Who Needs eBook Conversion?

Anyone who authors materials needs eBook conversion.  If you have written a novel, nonfiction work, textbook, or a thesis, you need eBook conversion.  Today, preparing your manuscript for offset printing only, is not enough.  To reach both niche and wider audiences, eBooks are necessary.

Niche audiences are rising.  Just a few short years ago, servicing smaller audiences was an expensive proposition.  Upfront costs for small quantity printing were astronomical.  Today, with eBooks, that has changed.  For instance, if you are a professor and you have written a textbook, you are probably aware that book publishers are taking a larger percentage of your royalties.  Text books are expensive.  However, with more than 50 percent of college students regularly using tablets and almost 90 percent of them using laptops, eBooks ae an increasingly popular adjunct or alternative to printed books.

If you are an author and want to reach the widest market possible, eBooks are critical.  Many online book resellers, like Amazon, offer both printed and eBook distribution.  But simply uploading a file to these online book resellers is not enough.  Amazon, iTunes and Barnes and Noble have their own formats and require that you upload your work in a ready to market, approved format.  So, you’ll need eBook conversion.

Beck & Orr’s eBook Conversion Services

At Beck and Orr, we’ll make sure that you eBook is converted to the proper format for your device.  Ordering is simple.  Simply go to our online ordering page and select your options.  If you already know what file you need, simply select it from the drop down list, and then make your other selections, upload your file, and in three to five days, we will email you your fully converted book in that format.

If you don’t know what format you need, but know what services and devices you are going to submit the file to, simply select those options during the ordering process.  Based on your selections, we’ll know what you need.  But, before delivery, we will confirm.

File Formats

There are basically two types of file formats for eBooks – epub and mobi.  Epub is used by 90% of the industry as the standard eBook format.  You’ll be able to read epubs on all devices and all ebook software readers, except Kindle.  Kindle uses Amazon’s proprietary mobi format.  Finally, iBooks, iTunes reader for iPhones, iPads, MacBooks and iMacs can use the standard epub format. However, if you want to submit your book to the iTunes Store, the standard ePub format doesn’t work.  You’ll need to reformat your book using Apple’s proprietary software for eBook conversion.


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